Image Overlay Utility

Due to a recent barrage of messages from users whose antiviruses have flagged Image Overlay Utility as malware, this program is no longer being offered for sale. IOU is not malware, but as described here, antiviruses commonly flag lesser-used programs as malware and may prevent them from being run. In many cases, IOU can be added to an antivirus's exclusions list to prevent it from being flagged as malware and allow it to run.

Part of the reason IOU is no longer being offered for sale is that users have reported crashes as well and issues with licensing. In some cases, these crashes were due to users' firewall rules blocking the program from contacting the Gumroad licensing server. In other cases, it may be possible for the program to crash if the Gumroad servers are down. Because I do not have time to fix these issues, I have opted to discontinue the sale of the program. The trial version of the software is still being made available for download, and existing non-refunded licenses should continue to work.

Automatic refunds have already been issued for customers who reported these issues. If you purchased Image Overlay Utility and experienced an issue running the program, please email with the name you used when purchasing, as well as your license key if possible, and a refund will be issued.

If IOU does not meet your needs I recommend you try the alternatives listed here.

This page will be updated if and when IOU becomes available for sale again.

A small, easy to use Windows program for displaying transparent, click-through images anywhere on screen!

Virtual tracing paper

Originally created for this purpose, Image Overlay Utility is great for displaying an image over any type of graphics software which lacks layers. The Click-Thru mode makes it easy to trace the image onto the canvas by making it to transparent to all mouse events.

Visual reference

Image Overlay Utilty can also be used to keep an image on-screen as a visual aid or reference. This can be useful for CAD and other artistic or technical purposes.


While not its original intent, Image Overlay Utility can also be used to display static logos/watermarks during live demos or presentations.

Easy positioning

Image Overlay

The image overlay can be moved easily by clicking and dragging, and resized intuitively with resize handles.


Edge Detection

Filters for grayscale, inversion, and edge detection are built-in. Several different edge detection methods are provided for when you just want to work with lines (switch between them in Preferences).

Preset files

Preset JSON

Image overlay parameters can be saved into preset files, which are simply JSON data that can then be edited with a text editor and loaded by dragging them into the main window.

Command line support

Command line support

See the help docs for details on how to use the program from the command line.

Support for several image formats

  • BMP
  • Animated GIF
  • ICO
  • JPEG
  • Transparent PNG
  • TIFF

Small, easy & reliable

This program was inspired by and aims to work better than similar programs such as: